Home Backup Protection


Home invasions are statistically rare, but if it happens to you the results can be devastating for you and your family. Whilst the probability of a home invasion happening to you is low, our website helps you reduce the risk of a home invasion and offers advice on how to deal with a home invasion should it happen to your family in your home.

There is no one single correct response to a home invasion scenario. The choice is personal, based on your own assessment of your physical and mental capabilities and your belief as to the level of imminent danger. Sometimes fighting and screaming works, especially if there are neighbors who will intervene or call the police. It makes no sense to risk fighting if you are physically incapable of doing so effectively. Total compliance may leave you unharmed, but increases the duration of the invasion and the risk of someone getting hurt.

Protecting the house is a number one priority for everyone. This is important especially on Valentine’s day when everyone goes out, and here is a short list of safety tips: don’t announce your plans on social media, wait to post pictures and light up your home. This will lower the chances to be robbed. After safetying the house, is time to think about the gift and we recommend you to check these romantic valentines gifts for her. Whatever your plans are, we wish you an amazing and safe Valentine’s Day!


Our main aim is to help you prevent a home invasion happening. We give tips to help you secure your home, whether that be through what you keep in the garden (patio furniture can be used to break windows), suggesting smart home security systems that have perimeter door and window sensors that can be activated even when you’re home, to dealing with strangers who appear on your doorstep trying to enter your property.

In the event of a home invasion

Our website will help your family decide the risks each member is prepared to take and how all of you can keep as safe as possible. Suggestions for preparedness actions for the fastest and safest outcome, including a safe room, a pre-arranged duress code with your alarm company and more.

We list the best firearms for home protection for your family as well has helping you draw up an escape plan. Children are often overlooked as potential rescuers and sometimes not as well guarded as teens and adults. Is your child capable of dialling 911, activating an alarm or escaping to the neighbours to get help?

We advise you what to do, we also advise what not to do. Never follow an intruder once they leave your home. Don’t fight over property loss, it can be replaced, your life cannot.